Why Swim Hair Is A Unique Wig Supplier

Keep all hair types dry while rocking fashionable, attractive hair right out of the pool.

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Why ‘Swim Hair’ Is A Unique Wig Supplier

Love to swim, but not so much the damage done to your hair by overexposure to chlorine, sun, the elements and more? Want to look like you’re just coming out of a photo shoot even though you’ve been swimming all morning? From Swim Hair, manufacturers of swim caps with wigs attached, we offer the most innovative swim product to hit the pool since the bikini.

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We offer chic wigs to protect your hair from the elements and from salt, chlorine and more. Our unique swim cap with built-in wig keeps you looking great in and out of the water.

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Our wigs come with a built-in swimming cap to keep your natural hairstyle covered up and protected, while still looking glamorous as soon as you step out of the pool!

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Our wigs with built-in swim caps are designed to protect your hair in the pool, on the beach, and anywhere else during your summer life that you want to protect your hair and still enjoy a glamorous style.

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Our wigs are made especially for textured hair, with plenty of room for adjustment and style. Protect your fragile locks underneath a Swim Hair swimming cap and enjoy a luxurious hairstyle while swimming.

At Swim Hair, our founders are African-American women who know all too well the trials of swimming with our textured hair. We offer an alternative to the same old boring swim caps — ours have built-in wigs so that you can swim in style.

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